Access Conditions

Type of Resident:

  • Students who will attend college in Grade Officer Master, First, Second and third cycle in the academic year 2014/2015 in any official degrees that are taught at the Universities of Seville.
  • Students of Spanish or foreign universities included in a mobility scheme.
  • P.D.I. and P.A.S.of Spanish and/or foreign universities.

Award Procedure:

  • Access Requirements
    The requirements for awarding place in Residence are:
    • Having formalized enrollment in any of the official qualifications from the Universities of Seville.
    • For students included in a mobility scheme, they must also justify its existence for 9 months minimum in any of the Universities of Seville.
    • The P.D.I. and P.A.S. must prove their residence outside the town of Sevilla and performing their respective roles in the Universities of Seville during the course 2014/2015.
  • Award criteria
    • When demand for places does not exceeds supply, the award shall be according to the date of filing.
    • demand for places do exceeds supply, for the allocation of places will have priority access comply with the requirements listed in the following order of priority:


      1. Applicants with a minimum stay of nine months.
      2. Applicants from outside the province of Seville or from Overseas.
      3. Applicants who have a brother/sister enrolled in Residence during the previous year and continue enrollment in the relevant academic year.
      4. Applicants considered a member of a large family.
      5. Applicants belonging to households with incomes not exceeding 5.5 the minimum wage in accordance with the regulations of subsidized housing.

      Applicants must prove adapted accommodation disability under current regulations implementing, allocating seats according to the criteria above related.

    • Allocation of places
      The allotment of accommodation will be made by order of presentation of the application and assessment for the application according to the requirements.
      The allocation of accommodation is made ​​according to the availability at any time and the type of stay that requested (single, double ...).


    10 scholarships will be convened annually to help college students with the cost of the accommodation in the Rue 32, during the relevant academic year. The requirements for taking part in the call are:

    • Students whose family income does not exceed the minimum wage 2.5.
    • Applicants must attend college in Grade Officer Master, First, Second and Third Cycle in the academic year 2014/2015 in any official degrees that are taught at the Universities of Seville.
    • Order minimum stay of nine months.
    • Being 18 and not having met the 25 at the time of application.

    Bases and deadlines will be posted on the website.

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