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About us

What is Rue 32? Rue 32 offers lodging and complementary services to members of the university community, with housing needs in the town of Sevilla during the academic year.

Lodging is a set of equipment with high performance and comfort in a safe, friendly and accessible environment. The building has accommodation for single or double occupancy, all with dining area, kitchen and private bathrooms, with a number of common spaces that are located different services such as laundry, gym, study room, multipurpose room, solarium , parking for those who want to live independently.

This residence will remain open all year, which makes it ideal to house students during the academic year, summer can extend the offer to other groups linked to the university, according to the existing availability.

Promoter: Rue 32 is a built equipment and managed by the Municipal Housing, Land and Equipment Sevilla, SA (EMVISESA) to promote and facilitate the development and welfare of the university community, offering residences stable comfortable and practical accommodation, quality, featuring everything you need as a home for students who have to live in Seville during the academic year.

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